Governance and Management

WARDI is governed by its constitution that conforms to the national and international legal requirements of non-governmental organizations and fully respects the code of conduct of international humanitarian agencies and human rights conventions signed by the states of the United Nations. Its governing structure consists of three main organs as listed below:

General Assembly (GA)

The General Assembly is the supreme decision making authority of the Initiatives and provides resolutions on the general policy, planning, and implementation strategies of the Initiatives. The General Assembly approves the constitution and elects the Board of Directors to hold office for three-year terms.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors comprises of five (5) members with a minimum of two female members elected by the general assembly for three (3) year terms but eligible for unlimited re-election. The board of directors provides overall leadership to the organization as per the powers and duties vested by the constitution of WARDI.
The current members of the WARDI Board of Directors are listed below:

The Management

The management comprises of seven (7) recruited professional staff and chaired by the Executive Chairperson. The management is responsible for day-to-day organizational operations to meet its mandate.

Organizational Capacity and Strengths

1. Human Resource
The number of professional full-time and part-time WARDI personnel currently stands at 177 (60% of the staff are female), with the number varying depending on the number of projects and the level of funding