What Makes WARDI Distinct

WARDI uses a people-centered approach based in its programme interventions. Collaborating with the poor and the disadvantaged members in communities, we believe in empowering the poor and the disadvantaged to help them claim their rights and eliminate injustices. WARDI works with the grass roots to achieve its ambitions and learn the realities on the ground. Poverty, injustices, and marginalization can be eliminated, with the poor and disadvantaged taking charge of their lives to realize change.

a) Rights based approach

We work to ensure that the voices of the poor and the disadvantaged are heard, respected, shielded, and fulfilled. We also collaborate with other humanitarian actors in ensuring the fulfilment of the needs of the poor and the disadvantaged.

b) Partnering and Networking

WARDI establishes relationships and partnerships with international actors and donors to support its target groups. We also work in close relationship with the poor, the vulnerable, and the disadvantaged members of the communities. Partnership and Networking will help us gain access to resources and reduce risks faced by target communities.